Furnace Repair –  A list of the most common reasons a homeowner will require service

List Of Reasons You Will Need Furnace Repair Services

Furnace RepairAt some point, you are going to require but furnace repair technician. Gas furnaces are by far the most commonly used heating Source in Alberta. When compared with oil furnaces they are much more reliable, cleaner and inexpensive. Typically your furnace system will run for a long time without meeting any attention at all, but when problems occur, you might require professional furnace repair technician to correct the problem. Here is a list of the most common issues faced due to gas furnaces.

Furnace pilot light won"t stay lit

This is Far and Away the most common problem faced by homeowners when it comes to furnace repair. Older furnaces have what is called a standing pilot light; this is a small amount of gas that is continuously burned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The pilot light heats a component called the thermocouple, it is the job of the thermocouple to supply a small electrical charge to the gas valve letting it know but the pilot light is on, and it is safe to allow gas to flow. The thermocouple provides this electrical charge only when the pilot light is lit. If the pilot light blows out the thermocouple will tell your gas valve to stop sending gas because there is no way to light it.

Generally, if a pilot light won"t stay lit, it is because of one of three things: 1.  The thermocouple is damaged and needs to be replaced. 2. The pilot lights gas supply is clogged and needs to be cleaned. 3.  The supply of gas from the gas valve has been interrupted for some reason and needs to be checked.

The furnace keeps turning on and off

Does your furnace keep turning on and off before your home gets to the desired level of heat? If so it likely is caused by one of the following problems: 1. The furnace blower is clogged and needs to be cleaned. 2.  The air filter in the furnace is clogged and needs to be replaced. 3. If you have an older furnace and it has oil ports on it they may need to be refilled. 4. Heat sensing components in the furnace system have failed and need to be replaced.

Your furnace system deals with a lot of dirty air, air is drawn into the house from the outside and passes through the furnaces air filter system before being heated and sent up into your home. From time to time you need to clean the entire furnace system, this is not something that the homeowner can typically do and must call in a furnace cleaning or duct cleaning company.

Your furnace filter is meant to be replaced approximately every other month during the heating season, and year-round if you continuously run your furnace fan or have an air conditioning system. A clogged furnace filter can cause many different problems with your furnace that will make furnace repair necessary. This is a simple procedure that can be done by any homeowner and you should get in the habit of doing this regularly.

Older furnace systems will have Motors that have oil ports on them; these oil ports need to be filled approximately once per year for continued operation. The oil that goes into them is similar to sewing machine oil. This is something that you can do as the homeowner, but a furnace repair technician will do this if you have them in for regular yearly service.

Your furnace system is continually heating up and cooling down, and it knows what the temperature is through the use of heat sensing components, these components will fail from time to time and need to be replaced by a furnace repair technician.

The furnace produces no heat at all –  you require furnace repair immediately

If your furnace has stopped producing heat all together then it is most likely one of the following reasons: 1.  the gas valve has stopped working 2. the pilot light has blown out. 3. the thermostat has stopped working. 4. the breaker controlling the furnace has tripped or blown. For some of these concerns such as the pilot light blowing out, or a breaker that has tripped, the homeowner can attempt the repair. If after trying your unsuccessful in getting the furnace to produce heat again or for the other reasons listed you are going to want to call in a professional furnace repair technician.

Gas furnace systems are typically very dependable and require little attention to work day in day out providing you with comforting heating and cooling. Live in a home long enough that has a gas furnace system, and you are going to require furnace repair at some point. Luckily furnace repair companies will usually have a 24-hour emergency service line so you can get the heat when you need it.